Baracos and Brand gives you the most fashion forward clothing of this age. Whether you prefer the edgy look, the chic and girly, or even the sleek and sophisticated attire, this is your one stop shop to accommodate your fashion statement. You won’t have to think twice about entering our stores, because we only sell high quality clothing suited for any type of casual and formal events. You can get skirts, pants, culottes, Sunday dresses, among others from our shop.

We also have made to order gowns and cocktail dresses available for parties. You can have your own design choice and let us do the rest.

Right now, due to the insistent public demand, we have also accommodated the fashion needs of gentlemen in general. We have already started fashioning clothing items for them starting from silk and satin button downs, fitted slacks, and tailored suites. We have articles of clothing which would be comfortable while strolling with your families at the part or at the mall. We have business suits also, and suits for all occasions.

Another venture we are proud of, which we just started early this year is the clothing collection for toddlers. Now, your kids could be as fashionable as you and your husbands without the over the top frills. We have available cute onesies, colorful tops and bottoms that would make hem look more adorable. The cloth we use for their clothes are smooth and soft. It would definitely bring no harm to the skin of your kids.

Clothing for toddlers are available for ages 0-4 years old.

For orders, you can easily drop by to our stores nationwide and get our assistants to help you. You could also just shop online through our formal sites. Delivery fees are subjected to fees depending on your location. Check out our price list for more info.