Welcome to Baracos and Brand – Serving your Needs for Beautiful Clothing All Year Round

Baracos and Brand is a name that has been making a breakthrough on the fashion industry for more than 5 decades now. Composed of talented seamstresses, tailors, and fashion designers, together with cutting edge technology, this company is the expected to be the next big thing in the fashion industry.

But through hard work, rigorous training, and resilience to the ever changing demand in fashion, they manage to lead their company to fall in line among the most well-known brands. They manage to create a name that would be well-known and sought-after among artists and popular personalities.

From catering on just the everyday casual, semi-casual, business casual, and office wear of women, we have added many more to our collection. Now, we already have the ensemble for your man too… and your kids. It is not hard anymore to go through the process of shopping for the whole family. Plus, all of the clothing we have are classy, and not over the top ostentatious. They are even made with your comfort in mimd.

The Dream…

It started just a dream for this team. Sewing and making clothes in a workstation they made out of a garage. Just like any starting business, they make do of what little resources they have. They maximize each cloth and thread to make their dreams a reality. They conquered the extreme heat they were exposed at by having a garage door repair near me.

They put a lot of work into making their first collection. And they succeeded. Now Baracos and Brand is not only a popular brand in the United States but internationally as well.

What make us unique?

Baracos and Brand is great at producing ready to wear clothes. But what is good about us is that we do not make clothes in more than several pieces per country so every clothe retains its unique quality. No use getting bothered about bumping into someone who wear the same dress as you. Although our pieces are relatively cheaper – we do not sacrifice the quality. In fact, we rely heavily to it to speak of our work and brand.

We also do custom work – costumes for events you need to attend to, custom made dresses, cocktail gowns and more. We are also your guys in creating the line up for your wedding.

Creating a Fashion Statement

Need a hand in recreating your wardrobe? Do not have the time to go out and about shopping? Then no worries, we have your back.

Baracos and Brand has a personal shopper available for you anytime you step at our door. We always get it right without making you uncomfortable with our choices. You can even set a reasonable budget for you. But of course, everything is subject for your approval before we move. Although you could check out our online outlet if you prefer shopping on your own.

Call or email us today to let us know what you are looking for.